A Little About Me:

Hi, my name is Jacob Thomas, founder of JT Copywriting.

Looking back, I’ve always had a knack for both writing and business. In second grade, my teacher, Mrs. Fish, told me that one day I’d become a professional writer. I told her she was wrong, I was destined for NBA stardom. She had a better read on the situation, it seems.

That same summer, my family took a vacation to the beach. That’s when I saw an opportunity. The shore was littered with seashells and I thought, “People pay money for those, right?” So I set up a little stand and sold as many as I could. Made a nice profit — at least for a seven year old!

After high school, I embarked on a career in the music industry as a touring musician and songwriter. I traveled all across North America performing my songs and building a fanbase — again, writing and business. It was an incredible crash course in marketing. After all, breaking through in the entertainment industry is no easy task.

These days, I don’t travel quite as much. But writing and business are still core ingredients to everything I do. As a content strategist and copywriter for SaaS companies, I write marketing pieces that help businesses attract their ideal audience and convert them into loyal customers.

I really love what I do and care about the brands I work with. When they succeed, so do I. And that’s what drives me. Ready to work together?

On a Personal Note:

When I’m not helping businesses grow, you’ll find me with my beautiful wife. Together we share a love for great music, exotic locations, and juicy mystery novels. I grew up in Northern California, but now call Nashville, TN home.