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JT Copywriting
Content and Copy for SaaS Companies

Stand Out in a Crowded Software Market

New SaaS solutions hit the market every day. Which means cutting through the noise and differentiating your software from the competition is paramount.

How will your target market hear about your product? And why should they choose your offering over a different brand? If you can’t answer these questions with clarity — or you're just unhappy with the growth of your business — we need to talk.

As an experienced content strategist and copywriter for SaaS companies, I have the skill set to craft compelling, in-depth content. Pieces that rank high in search engine results and convert your prospects into loyal customers.

Unlike other writers who work in a number of different industries, I devote all of my time to SaaS brands. Because of this, I understand the business model. I've also seen many of the marketing challenges you face and have developed creative ways to solve them.

If your company needs specific content pieces such as blog posts, case studies, white papers, or email sequences… Or needs to redevelop its entire content marketing strategy… I can help your business stand out and succeed in a crowded software market.

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“Jacob is one of those writers who just gets it. He consistently delivers content that is on time, well-written, and already formatted. He makes my life so much easier and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a tech-savvy content writer.”

Anne Vickman / Robly

“Jacob can take any topic and bring it to life so that it’s relevant to the target audiences. We’ve worked closely on several projects and his work is always superb. Be it writing or editing, Jacob is a trusted resource to deliver quality content on time and pull leads into our pipeline.”

Andrea Kelemen / Toggl

"Jacob did some blogging for us, and it worked out great! His writing style is fun and conversational. He's easy to work with too. Definitely hope to work more with him in the future."

Leanne Schmidt / BookedIn