Why Me?

To break through in your industry, your company needs to write compelling marketing pieces that draw prospects in and convince them that your solution is the best option.

But what if you don't have the marketing know-how, or the time to craft this content? Good news — I have both. Here are a few reasons why working with me is a step towards success:


I Understand Your Business

I work almost exclusively with SaaS companies. Many well-established brands, such as HR Cloud, Toggl, Robly, Sync and more trust me with their content and marketing copy.

Because I truly understand the SaaS business model and have hands-on experience assisting this kind of business, I can quickly craft marketing pieces that draw in prospects and differentiate my clients from their competitors.


I Understand Your Product

Technology has always been a part of my life and career. This means I have an innate understanding of the software solutions I write about.

I'm able to quickly grasp what my client's software does — without having to be spoon fed details — and write about the solution's specific benefits in a straightforward and easy to grasp way.


I'm a Writer and a Strategist

While I'm more than capable of simply crafting promotional materials for my clients that fit within their predetermined marketing plan and framework, I'm also an experienced strategist.

For clients with little knowledge of marketing, or those who simply aren't interested in creating full-blown content marketing strategies themselves; I'm happy to step in and develop a winning game plan.


I Have Entrepreneurial Roots

As an entrepreneur myself, I've started and grown multiple businesses using content marketing and copywriting techniques. The strategies I set in motion for my clients aren't just theories, but actual field-tested approaches I've seen, first hand, fuel company growth.


I've Been Trained by the Best

I've received training and certifications from HubSpot and Google; known leaders in copywriting and content marketing education. This schooling allows me to write a wide range of marketing pieces with great competence. And maintaining my various certifications keeps me on the cutting edge of my field.


I Provide A Fresh Approach

Before becoming a professional business writer, I spent years on the road and in the recording studio as a touring musician and songwriter. This forced me to cultivate creativity and think outside the box — skills I now use to provide unique outlooks and solutions for my clients.


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